all about mig33 and max99

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all about mig33 and max99

mig33 and max99 kick tools,hack tools,codes,tricks and all about mig33 and max99

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    Post by nesr on Sun Jan 11, 2009 1:14 pm

    This is called fastest kicking. This can only be used by using mobile phones that can use be used for multi-kicking . You cannot use this in PC. Most of the powerful mobile kickers say this is a very efficient way of kicking. Enter in to the room with your multi-kicking nicks. Go to kick user and pick the one who you want to kick from all your nicks in the room. When you are done, just minimize all your migs and make a call to any where most probably you might make a free call ( like balance operator call).So your GPRS connection will be onhold. Now press menu and take all your minimized migs and request the kick. All migs will be on kick REQUESTING…finally end the call. So that all votes are now given at a time. Some times you might see the massage 1 or 0 more votes remaining as the vote has been started… and there is very less chance that any one can escape from this type of a kick.This trick can also be used for fast flooding.

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