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    what is admin and what they r there for?


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    what is admin and what they r there for?

    Post by tiger-ryan-admin on Wed Dec 03, 2008 2:31 am

    What are Room Administrators ?

    Room administrators are special users appointed by mig33 staff members to control bad behavior and abuse in mig33 chatrooms.

    Administrators are trusted users and are selected very carefully.

    What are the special Administrator Powers ?

    1. Administrators can enter full rooms.
    2. Administrators can kick users exhibiting predatory behaviour.
    3. Administrators can't be kicked.
    4. On new mig33 beta, Administrator's nickname appear in yellow color.

    How can i be a Room Admin?

    Room Admin selection is a total random procedure, if you are lucky enough to meet one of the mig33 customer service members in the chat room, and they like your behavioral attributes. Chances are that you can be room admin.

    i wanna be a mig33 admin but that'll never happen Sad
    but hey thats why i multi kick

    a list of admins ----
    Here is the list of all mig33 admins.
    Radixal (Indonesia)
    Reihan91 (Indonesia)
    Pricillia_ fairy (Indonesia)
    The_kad (Indonesia)
    Pink2_cute (Indonesia)
    Soekarno (Indonesia)
    Dimerzio (Indonesia)
    Stravinsky (Indonesia)
    Lapendosol (Indonesia)
    Mr_unfair59 (South Africa)
    Kingmanene (South Africa)
    Compassion (South Africa)
    Lil_match_ gal (South Africa)
    Cranky1 (South Africa)
    Kitkatbear (South Africa)
    Najaufo (Oman)
    Pepoamt (UAE)
    Galhoum (Egypt)
    Naga70 (Brunei)
    ms.foxcy (Brunei)
    Babu_g77 (Kenya)
    Misteriouscute (Australia)
    stalin_dark (Bangladesh)
    shaikh_mahmud (Bangladesh)
    avinash4u (India)
    king-0f-hearts (india)
    king_t0_rule (india)
    prince_charming_ (pakistan)
    vampzz (pakistan)
    enstine (Maldives)
    ryvil (Maldives)
    muneez04 (Maldives)
    gacollomps (Argentina)
    satchmo83 (serbia)
    gunnjack (Kenya)
    lord99 (Sudan)
    tanto_22 (Indonesia)
    the_ripper (Indonesia)
    vodo0 (Brunei)
    silent_wishes (South Africa)
    stayhot-001 (Pakistan)
    mangoastalavista (India)
    aden13 (Indonesia)
    miss_jaguar (South Africa)
    indah-suria (Brunei)
    zincpto (Indonesia)
    kyk-net (South Africa)
    sly-sista (South Africa)
    k-e-e-n (Philippines)
    care-t0-inspire (Philippines)
    camhe22 (Philippines) (Philippines)
    ask-vinay (India)
    nikshay_ (India)
    s0fie_ (Indonesia)
    mystic_shadow (Indonesia)
    icarus777 (Indonesia)
    little_sawa (Indonesia)
    albeity123 (Kenya)
    racinhart (Kenya)
    thaath12 (Maldives)
    metalfist (Maldives)
    cristin-14 (Namibia)
    crime_patrol (Russia)
    h0t_r0d (Pakistan)
    precious_pious (Pakistan)
    drvoje (Serbia)
    estibex (Sudan)
    foxyv (South Africa)

    and not one from england Evil or Very Mad Surprised Shocked Sad

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