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    GoldWave 5.2.5 sound editor


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    GoldWave 5.2.5 sound editor

    Post by tiger-ryan-admin on Wed Dec 10, 2008 6:10 am

    Gold Wave:-

    Recommended system requirements:

    * 700MHz processor
    * 256MB RAM
    * 200MB hard drive space available
    * Accelerated video card running at 16-bit or true 32-bit colour
    * DirectX compatible sound card driver

    -Main Screen

    General Features

    * Multiple Document Interface for working with many files in one session
    * Huge file editing: 4GB and beyond (NTFS only)
    * Configurable RAM or hard drive editing
    * High quality: 24 bit, 192kHz
    * Real-time visuals: bar, waveform, spectrogram, spectrum, level meter, ...
    * Fast non-destructive editing. Cut, copy, delete, and undo take only a fraction of a second, regardless of the file size
    * Multiple undo levels
    * Many effects: distortion, Doppler, echo, filter, mechanize, offset, pan, volume shaping, invert, re sample, equalizer, time warp, pitch, reverb, volume matcher, channel mixer, ...
    * Effect previewing and presets
    * Audio restoration filters: noise reduction, pop/click, smoother
    * Supported file formats: wave, mp3, ogg, aiff, Au, vox, mat, snd, voc, FLAC, raw binary data, text data, and more
    * File format plug-ins for the next generation of audio compression, such as WMA and MP4/M4A
    * Direct X Audio Plug-in hosting
    * Effect chain editor
    * Audio CD Reader
    * Batch processing and conversion
    * Drag-and-drop cue points, with auto-cue and file splitting features.
    * Direct waveform editing with the mouse
    * Customizable tool bars
    * Customizable waveform colors
    * Customizable keyboard shortcuts
    * Automatic timer (day/time) recording or level activated recording
    * Clean, friendly, easy-to-use interface
    * Several built-in accessibility features and many keyboard shortcuts
    * Excellent value, free upgrades

    Control Window

    The Control window includes controls to play, fast forward, rewind, pause, and stop playback. There are separate controls to start, stop, and pause recording. The three faders adjust playback volume, balance, and speed. Four real-time visuals are displayed. Over a dozen different visuals are included. A visual plug-in interface allows other developers to easily create new visuals for Gold Wave.

    Expression Evaluator

    The Expression Evaluator allows sound to be generated from almost any equation. For example, to generate a simple sine wave, the following can be entered:


    General expressions for sine, triangle, and square waves are already provided, plus expressions for dial tones, effects, and noises.

    Batch Processing

    The Batch Processing features converts files to a wide variety of formats and applies a set of effects.



    LAME MP3 Encoder 4.0
    put this file in the gold wave installation folder to encode from wave or other music file types to mp3

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