all about mig33 and max99

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all about mig33 and max99

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    :.:mig33.:.Hacking w0rld


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    :.:mig33.:.Hacking w0rld

    Post by nesr on Thu Dec 18, 2008 5:42 pm

    Mig33 is aworld and i know m0re things about "mig33" im mig experienc hehehe:D ok lets start the ways to hack s0me one on mig is to pick s0meone fool and offer him to get money"mig account" for giving you his password:D>>>that was the old way of hack in mig but i still have many ways of hack;( ok listen i will till you my way of mig hacking but dont tell eny one:D my way is to entere r0om"gemination" then send thes to the r0om "<>>then peopel will cm pvt you to buy your idds that you havent:D .The normal of buying and selling is transfar account first then give password when you get the account give him block and run away:d

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