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all about mig33 and max99

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    hacking mig33 idds at high speed


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    hacking mig33 idds at high speed

    Post by nesr on Tue Jan 06, 2009 5:14 pm

    hackers are getting faster and more advanced i recintly was speaking to an old security contact who
    registered with mig33 just last week. He emailed me a script he programmed in the popular language Python. I attempted to use the script on an old ID. It had 5 possible passwords that I knew 1 would work, but I was too lazy to try all of them... So I configured the script and ran it. Within 10 seconds it had attempted all 5 passwords and given me a result with the correct password. Scary indeed. I spoke once more to the developer of the script whom was about to release this dangerous bit of code on many forums. I managed to convince him of the implications of doing so, but we can only hope that the mig33 team really beefs up security on their servers very quickly. There's a lot of people working on hacking scripts particularly for mig33 IDs.

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