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    Real-Draw PRO v5.2.3 - Vector / 2D/3D graphics and bitmap editing tools

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    Real-Draw PRO v5.2.3 - Vector / 2D/3D graphics and bitmap editing tools

    Post by Luckypatak on Wed Dec 10, 2008 6:18 am

    Real-Draw PRO is a popular Mediachance products such as the vector processing software, which combines vector, 2D, 3D graphics array distance, as well as a tool for editing and so on, and can be easily converted. Real-Draw PRO’s very easy to use, and its interface is more flexible, feature-rich, you will love.

    Real-Draw PRO combines many of the graphics editor to create a variety of ways, it has many of the following characteristics:
    - Vector Editor: any object can be free of editing and change the shape of the combination of objects, move, zoom size, and so on;
    - Lattice Editor: directly in the vector object mapping, the use of spray gun, 3D effects, brushes, or custom stamps and so on;
    - 3D effect: You can join the picture or object in many of the slope or the effect of stretching, light 3D applications, such as adding texture;
    - Image Capture: Real-Draw can capture the desktop and window and into editing;
    - Graphic packets: any object can be, 3D simulation, spray gun, and so on to deal with packet processing, free to create their own need for Decomposition of the map;
    - Page images: light can create a variety of map image button for the use of Web Design;
    - SVG editor: Real-Draw can be used as SVG editor, create support for the XML pages of documents;
    - Output to Adobe Photoshop, and so on … … … … … …

    Create professional web or multimedia graphics from simple images, buttons, banners to whole interactive web page and rollovers.
    Real-DRAW Pro happily combine vector, 2D, 3D and bitmap editing in one drawing package. It seamlessly moves from one form to another, eliminating time-consuming conversion operations and the need for multiple drawing packages.
    Unlike other graphics packages Real-DRAW PRO offers a fresh new approach for creating graphics. It gives users unlimited creative power with tools you can hardly find in other packages.
    Real-DRAW PRO is a uniquely versatile application with no limit to the quality and style of output.

    You can create for example:
    Realistic 3D drawings using familiar 2D vector tools.
    Airbrush illustrations
    Web pages
    Painted art
    Photo-realistic imagery
    3D scenes, photo clones and much more

    Real-DRAW PRO combines many artistic creative methods into one application:

    Vector Editing
    Flexibility first! Any object you create is editable all the time. You can change shapes, group objects, move them in layers, resize, edit envelopes etc. Any object has its own changeable properties like color, texture, outline, lights, material, transparency, multiple 3D effects, bevels, shadows, motion blur and much more.

    Bitmap Editing
    Unlike in a normal vector editor you can actually paint directly onto any vector object using airbrushes, 3D or Artistic brushes and special Image Nozzles. You can paint on the canvas and the strokes will become another object to which you can apply effects, just as with vector objects. No other program can do this.

    3D Effects
    You can apply various bevels and extrude effects to any object or bitmap to create perfect three-dimensional work. You can get even closer to rendered-like image by applying an unlimited number of 3D lights to any object or by changing its material properties. For example, Real-DRAW PRO makes it very easy to create realistic metallic textures - often a big problem in standard vector drawing packages.

    Web Page HTML Slicer
    Use any of the amazing effects Real-Draw can offer to create a great graphics and then export it as a web page with rollovers, links and a text. The HTML Slicer is a visual tool which assist you to create web page without the suffering from creating HTML tables and working code in web editor.

    Illustration Package
    The combination of Real-DRAW’s tools allows you to create drawings in your style - illustrations, 3D render simulations, airbrush work, you name it - you have the control.

    Multimedia Graphics generator
    With Real-DRAW you can design a whole scene and add fully-functional buttons (which is now easier than ever using Packages)
    Then you can export it directly to Multimedia Builder or generate a script in any language you want - you can create HTML, XML, Java, Java Script or even a whole web page using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).

    SVG editor
    As if this isn’t enough, Real-DRAW can also be used as an SVG editor (Scaleable Vector Graphics supported by all XML enabled web-browsers) with import / export support of color fills, outlines and transparencies.

    Mega Render
    Design small, render big! A special Mega Render export module allows you to render the design into much larger image sizes if you need them. Mega Render will not just resize the image, but it will add more texture detail as well.

    Export to Adobe Photoshop
    You can export the whole design into Adobe Photoshop keeping all the layers, transparency channels, shadow layers and layer names as you created them in Real-DRAW.

    New Multidocument interface with dockable bars
    Flexible, non-destructive, always editable editing
    Create never before seen realistic graphics
    Robust 3D lighting system
    Export SVG Scalable Vector Graphics
    Export to Adobe Photoshop with separate layers
    Design interactive web pages using CSS
    Blueprint with cloning
    Export with a detailed preview, ability to use Export Plugins.

    Network officials:
    ~ Support Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/Vista ~
    Official download:


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