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    Diskeeper 2009 v13.0 Build 835 multi-national language (New License!)

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    Diskeeper 2009 v13.0 Build 835 multi-national language (New License!)

    Post by Luckypatak on Wed Dec 10, 2008 6:58 am

    For more than a decade, Diskeeper has led the Windows system defragmentation technology, Diskeeper 2009 as a brand Diskeeper mark of a true Set It and Forget It enhance performance and continue to stay ahead. No matter whether you have used Diskeeper, you may have been familiar with some of its features, Diskeeper 2009, but these improved features and added some other enhancements to the core. New users will find that Diskeeper is not only easy-to-use and powerful. Diskeeper experienced users will see familiar features, but also to see Diskeeper (and system) to improve performance. Here are the features of the new version of the summary:

    Diskeeper 2009’s new features

    Improved InvisiTasking
    In the past, very busy or has run in the background of the process, InvisiTasking could impede access to sufficient resources to complete the task. InvisiTasking new features make it a more decisive style, while not visible zero overhead operation. Diskeeper can be run in the all-weather high-power server or workstation and complete the implementation of the stealth Defragmenter. In a typical desktop PC / laptop, which also allows Diskeeper with the lowest priority has always run the run / idle time tasks (such as SETI @ Home and similar procedures) to operate together.

    SCOM and MOM support
    Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) and System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) to allow monitoring and management through one or more of the communication networks of multiple computers. Many products, such as Active Directory, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange Server and MOM itself can be monitored. Enterprise managers can now use Diskeeper’s Diskeeper provided by a separate management package, which allows MOM / SCOM to monitor and manage their networks to deploy the installation of Diskeeper. Diskeeper management package, including a number of warnings, reports and management and control of Diskeeper settings and configuration of features, can be adopted by the MOM / SCOM to achieve.

    Titan Defrag Engine
    Titan Defrag Engine is by far the most powerful defragmentation engine, so that even the previous technical leader Terabyte Volume Engine (TVE) eclipsed. Titan Defrag Engine created so far for the largest volume of data development. Titan Defrag Engine contains from 4-5 terabytes (TB) volume to start, the pace of completion of the operation even faster than TVE and more thoroughly. The new engine is able to handle 10 terabytes and 20 terabytes or even greater amount of data defragment the only solution. If your server manages mass data, Titan Defrag Engine is your up-to-date performance solutions. Titan Defrag Engine is Diskeeper EnterpriseServer.

    To expand the availability of TVE
    Leading the Diskeeper a large volume of professional defragmentation algorithm, Diskeeper 2009 and further carried forward. Diskeeper previous versions, including Terabyte Volume Engine (TVE), specifically for more than 60 GB volume of the design. However, TVE only Diskeeper EnterpriseServer provided.

    Disk volume in the ever-increasing size of today’s home systems, even if the size of the volume reached 1 TB is even greater. With that in mind, Diskeeper 2009 is Diskeeper Pro Premier, HomeServer and Server version included TVE. Diskeeper EnterpriseServer now including the new Titan Defrag Engine, is the ultimate level of industrial strength defragmentation technology.

    To expand the availability of I-FAAST
    Diskeeper 2009 Professional now includes Intelligent File Access Acceleration Sequencing Technology (I-FAAST) function. I-FAAST more than “ordinary” defragment the scope, speed up your file access and time to create. Typically, such as Diskeeper Defragmenter can restore your computer’s performance unabated. The I-FAAST can improve computer performance, even better than the new machines!

    I-FAAST can be created and file access speed up to 80% (an average of 10% -20%). This is the “disk performance calibration” in the industry’s first application of this concept as opposed to out of date and does not identify the disk optimization strategy is more advanced.

    Can be used to improve the integration of space consolidation space for the new engine is now available for your disk volumes to provide a more thorough integration of the available space.

    HyperFast solid-state hard disk optimization (Solid State Drive Optimization)
    Solid-state hard disk (SSD) technology promises to provide than traditional hard drives faster and better performance. However, because of Microsoft Windows will not NAND flash memory as the main storage devices is optimized, such as the use of SSD. As a result, the use of SSD storage computer performance has been rather obvious degradation (80%), resulting in far lower than the speed of its hard disk to use. The new Optimizer HyperFast SSD can be seamlessly integrated, specially designed for the elimination of SSD performance, the performance will resume unabated.

    Note: HyperFast is a separate product, Diskeeper and separate sales. Please contact your dealer or visit the Web site Diskeeper Corporation purchase HyperFast, so you run the volume SSD achieve the best.

    This is the first Diskeeper 2009 release.

    The present distribution of known problems
    1. Diskeeper despite their complete and the first part of the 508 (accessibility) standards-compliant, 508 compliance has not been fully applied to Diskeeper installation.
    2. Diskeeper installation dialog box in some of the “Windows Accessibility Options” in the use of “high-resolution black” display settings on a computer display abnormal. However, please note that Diskeeper console in these computers correctly.
    3. In the use of Windows command prompt window when Diskeeper runs, / d parameter is not optional, but necessary parameters.
    4. Note that these documents did not uninstall Diskeeper been deleted:
    Product names. Msi (for example, Diskeeper 2009 Server.msi)
    The documents in the uninstall process is open, but since then can safely delete them.
    5. Diskeeper when click will open the Web browser when the link, Diskeeper general system to start the default browser. However, in Windows Vista and Windows Server 2003, regardless of how the system default settings, will start Internet Explorer.
    6. In rare cases, when being activated when the Defragmenter when it may be the wrong message, suggesting that “the accident pending an error 0×0000005, according to the” ESC “to restart the system.” When the start-up defragmentation engine from the operating system does not receive the expected data will show this information. If this happens, start the engine when the defragmentation safely stop any further processing in order to ensure the integrity of your system.
    7. When the existing system, Diskeeper 2007 is installed Diskeeper 2009, in some cases, Diskeeper 2007 will not stop the right. This will cause the operation to install a longer time to complete, or the collapse of Diskeeper service. Diskeeper 2007 in the service stopped, the installation will be completed successfully.
    8. Running Service Pack 1 for Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008 systems currently do not support the “Defragment start.”
    9. Diskeeper Administrator of this issue in the field test version does not support Windows 2000. In Diskeeper 2008, without the client’s performance analysis techniques have been completely updated, and closely integrated into Diskeeper Administrator industry-leading performance management functions in.

    Known incompatibility
    1. Diskeeper can not CHKDSK such as Scandisk or tools such as locking the volume on the run.
    2. Even if the use of Hercules Terminator AGP 128/3D “GLH” 8MB can not show the full start-up dialog box, so when the opening of the “Diskeeper start-up properties,” “sort out the debris suspended in order to view the screen” option would be to see Lock up.
    3. In the implementation of the startup process defrag operation, the keyboard function for all hardware, HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer) and a combination of both the operating system does not work. We are trying to make a variety of components can achieve the combination of keyboard operation, but if your system does not respond to start the process of the keyboard functions, please complete hardware and operating system version of the message sent to Diskeeper Corporation technical support departments, to address :
    To provide such information will help us to determine why a particular combination of hardware and software start-up can not defragment access keyboard functions.
    4. Diskeeper is compatible with the Roxio GoBack. However, attention should be “gobackio.bin” document added to the list of excluded Diskeeper. Upon completion of the operation, at the same time the use of GoBack is no longer with the Diskeeper will be a problem.
    5. If you run the Norton Protect, Diskeeper MMC plug-in available space to display the map with the report of Diskeeper view shown in Figure inconsistent with the available space.
    6. Have been found in at the same time running Norton Internet Security Package and the opening of anti-virus components of the system when running Diskeeper problems. In the affected computer, the opening of port 135 the problem will be solved.
    7. CITRIX If the server is running Diskeeper, from CITRIX Memory Optimizer function to exclude “TAB.DLL” and “DkTabProvider.DLL”. If we do not rule out the possibility of these documents, CITRIX Memory Optimizer will mark them as being “distorted” and in fact not the case.

    Diskeeper is a fully automatic defrgmentation engine that replaces the standard Windows defragmenter which runs only manually, consumes high resoureces and rewquires full administrator privileges to operate. Diskeeper constantly monitors and maintains your systems maximum performance, using the fastest defrag engine. According to the National Software Testing Lab (NSTL) proven 300-500% faster and far more thorough than Windows built-in defragmenters.
    The program includes a unique `Set It and Forget It` functionality with Smart Scheduling, that, once set, runs invisibly and fully automatic in the background. In addition, the Frag Guard feature helps prevent fragmentation in your most critical system files. Additional features include boot-time defrag, priority settings as well as the ability to defrag multiple disks automatically and simultaneously while system is in use.

    Diskeeper 2009 is the most advanced and most intelligent automatic disk defragmenter ever built. It can bring your computer speed and reliability to levels previously unobtainable, even when your computer was brand new. Without Diskeeper on board, relentless fragmentation will steadily corrupt system performance and generate fragmentation-related problems such as slowdowns, freezes, crashes and more. Make all that a thing of the past.

    What’s New in Diskeeper 2009?

    NEW! Titan Defrag Engine is the most powerful defragmentation engine ever built. Starting at 100 GB, it easily handles files fragmented into millions of pieces and volumes up to 20TB and more (available in EnterpriseServer edition).

    IMPROVED! InvisiTasking technology enables management-free defragmentation with zero management overhead and zero system overhead. Now improved for busy systems. Having to schedule defrag runs is now a thing of the past. (All editions)

    NEW I-FAAST 2.0 (Intelligent File Access Acceleration Sequencing Technology) boosts access speed for the files most frequently used. Now also available in Professional edition.

    NEW! MOM integration. Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) allows monitoring and management of computers interconnected by networks. Diskeeper provides MOM with numerous alerts, reports and the ability to manage and control product settings and configurations. (All editions except Home). Management Packs available with Diskeeper Administrator.
    * Full Systems Center Operations Manager (SCOM) support will be available later this month.

    NEW! Powerful, high-end file storage performance (file servers, NAS RAID, SAN). Terabyte Volume Engine 2.0 defragments volumes with hundreds of thousands to millions of files quickly and thoroughly. Now available in Pro Premier, HomeServer and Server editions.

    NEW! Free Space Defragmentation Engine has been enhanced to increase file-write performance. (All editions)

    IMPROVED! 100% fail-over support for Windows clustered servers. (Server editions)

    NEW! Support for native 64-bit operating systems. Now available in Home edition.

    NEW! Automatic Defrag Management. “Bind” Diskeeper policies in Diskeeper Administrator to select computer groups (such as Active Directory Organizational Units). As you add or remove computers to and from those Active Directory groups, your Diskeeper software, settings and licenses will be automatically applied / returned.

    IMPROVED! Enterprise Network Support. Diskeeper Administrator support 5-10x faster network scans, powerful new search functionality and numerous additional functionality designed for administrators of business networks.

    In addition to English, Diskeeper 2009 is available in Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Italian, and now also in Russian.

    Network officials:;
    ~ Support Windows XP/2000/2003/2008/Vista ~
    Diskeeper 2009 Home: English version of the family ~

    Diskeeper 2009 Professional: Professional English ~


    Diskeeper 2009 Pro Premier: Professional English version of the luxury ~


    Diskeeper 2009 Server: English version of the server ~


    Diskeeper 2009 EnterpriseServer: English version of the server business ~

    License: (see Nfo attention to the document, the serial number in the menu “operation” - “enter license key” to fill in)
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