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all about mig33 and max99

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    QuickLogin by one click

    Post by Luckypatak on Thu Dec 04, 2008 6:13 pm

    QuickLogin by one click

    Features of QuickLogin:
    * Using QuickLogin, you can login to multiple websites in one click.
    * No need to enter the username and password of sites you regularly login, QuickLogin will automatically enter your user name and password once the login page is retrieved.
    * QuickLogin file can be password protected, so that only the owner of a QuickLogin file can open it.
    * Login Accounts can be grouped so that multiple accounts can be selected in one click.
    * Ideal for checking more than one email regularly.
    * We have taken efforts to reduce the size of QuickLogin installation( less than 120 kb) so that it can be easily carried in portable drives like flash drive, pen drive etc.
    * Internet links and favorites from Internet Explorer can be dragged into QuickLogin, making it possible to use it as a Bookmark manager.
    * Option for displaying the last login time for each site.

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